Daddy Daughter Dance

The Daddy/Daughter dance is a wonderful opportunity for Dad to spend quality time with his daughter. Together they will learn a dance that they will perform during Kick’s May 17 concert. You can choose to be in the Rumson or the Fair Haven shows.  Dancers must be three years of age by January 1st in order to participate.

For the recital, dancers will need a white dress and the dads will need a dark suit. Since we know it can be frustrating locating a white dress we will have some options available for you to order should you need to.  Communion, flower girl, or Confirmation dresses are perfect.  Please read the following information very carefully before committing to the Daddy/Daughter Dance.

The non-refundable fee to participate is $135  (includes all rehearsals) This fee is non-refundable, so moms, make sure the dad actually knows about the dance, rehearsal dates and times and is fully committed before signing up.

  1. Dancers must be three years of age by January 1, 2016 in order to participate in this year’s Daddy/Daughter dance. Dancers will be grouped into the following age groups 3-4 year olds, 5-7 year olds, and 8 and up.
  1. The Daddy/Daughter dance is great fun but it also involves lifting your daughter over your head, challenging choreography and several hours of rehearsals. If you have back problems or other physical conditions that prohibit you from lifting the weight of your daughter over your head, please contact us before you sign up for the Daddy/Daughter dance.
  1. There are five required rehearsals on the following dates.
  1. The rehearsal schedule is subject to change. We try our hardest not to change the rehearsal schedule, but this is “showbiz” and circumstances beyond our control frequently cause schedule changes.
  1. We will communicate with Daddy/Daughter participants via email only. If you do not have email or if you never check your email, please do not register for the Daddy/Daughter dance. You are required to check your email weekly when you are a Daddy/Daughter participant.
  1. Dance is difficult. It is a “team sport”. Everybody on stage depends on everyone else to put on a great show. Remember, the Daddy/Daughter dance is an experience that will last a lifetime. Spending time at rehearsal and working through difficult situations with your daughter is as significant as performing the actual dance.
  1. All rehearsals are “Closed Rehearsals”, meaning Moms, friends and family may not watch the daddy daughter rehearsals.

All five rehearsals are required to learn the dance.  We realize that many dads travel out of town on business. Unfortunately, we are unable to alter the rehearsal schedule to accommodate individual travel plans, illness, vacation etc.

How do I sign up for the Daddy/Daughter Dance?

Moms, Dads (stepfathers, grandfathers, and/or other significant men in the dancer’s lives) please call 732 383 5301 to register. We are currently taking Daddy/Daughter registrations. Sign-ups will end in late April, and space is limited to ten couples per show. The cost to participate is $135.  Registration is through our online portal.