First Steps (Ages 1 – 6)

Their Future is Our Priority

Tiny Stars!

Your Child’s First Dance Class for ages 1-2.5

Tiny Stars! – Enjoy the wonderful bonding experience of dance class.  Our program develops musicality, gross and fine motor skills, as well as a foundation in dance for toddlers!  As toddlers develop trust with themselves and their teachers, they will become more relaxed and familiar with their environment. This will provide more opportunities for children to become more spontaneous and playful, where cognitive, language, and social skills will be enhanced.  Goals for this program include gross and fine motor skills, memory skills and sequencing.  Parents should be prepared to dance and interact with their child throughout the class.

Dance Attire – Our Tiny Stars dancers can wear dancewear, tutus, or leggings/shorts and tee shirts.  This class is specially designed for both boys and girls.

2022/23 Schedule

  • Wednesdays 10:00-10:45AM
  • Fridays 9:30-10:45AM
  • Saturdays 9:45-10:30AM

Twirl Tutus and Bowties Ages 2.5-4


A special time for every young dancer!  Twirl Tutus and Bowties is an independent class that foster creativity, gross and fine motor skills, a strong dance foundation and most of all fun! Our classes stimulate cognitive and physical development through imagery, pretend and music. Classic Ballet steps and terminology are introduced.

As a Twirly tutu girl or bowtie boy, your dancer will receive:

  • A Twirl activity book
  • A Twirl ribbon for her dance bag
  • A Twirl Graduation Celebration Certificate

Your little dancer will look forward to dance day each week with the fun and imaginative activities offered in his/her Twirl dance class!

2022/23 Schedule

  • Tuesday 5-5:45PM (Closed, Waitlist available)
  • Wednesday 9:15-10AM
  • Thursday 2:45-3:30PM
  • Saturday 9-9:45AM

The Next Step!  Classes for ages 4-5!

Our next step classes are for young dancers who are ready for more class structure and more complex movements. Next Step dancers usually have been in a class (not  necessarily dance) and are ready to shine!

Princess Ballerinas

  • Tuesday 2:00PM
  • Thursday 12:45
  • Thursday 1:45
  • Saturday 9AM(Nearly full)


22/23 Schedule

  • Tuesday 2:45-3:30PM #Danceclassremix
  • Wednesday 3:30-4:15PM

Shake It Up! (Ballet/Tap)

22/23 Schedule

  • Friday 3:30-4:15PM (Closed, Waitlist available)

Superstar Ages 5-6

Our Superstars are ready for more!  Superstar level classes transition to a more traditional dance instruction with warm up and stretch, technical skill building, and combination work.  These classes offer opportunity for growth in all areas. 

Pastel Popstars and Rainbow Rockers (Ballet/Hip Hop)

Ballet and Hip Hop Combo!

22/23 Schedule

  • Tuesday 3:30-4:15PM (Closed, Waitlist available)
  • Thursday 3:30-4:15 PM

Dance Class Remix (Jazz/Acro)

Jazz and Acro Combo!

22/23 Schedule

  • Tuesday 2:45-3:30
  • Wednesday 3:30-4:15PM

Shake it Up (Ballet/Tap)

Ballet and Tap combo!!

22/23 Schedule

    • Friday 3:30-4:15PM (Closed, Waitlist available)

Building Ballet

2022/23 Schedule

  • Tuesday 4:15-5PM (Nearly Full)