Recycle Dance Costumes into Halloween Costumes!!

October is here and Halloween is on it’s way. Need a costume for your little Ghouls and Goblins? It’s time to get creative! Got a loved dance costume that has more life left in it?  Over the years I have seen lots of trick or treaters in dance costumes looking Boo-tiful in their re purposed costumes!  Here are a few super simple ways to make the most out of your old costumes!

Kick Dance Studios dancers perform a jazz routine

  1. If your costume was themed, you may not have to do much! If you were a 80’s girl, a rock star, flight attendant, rock and roller,  or a princess, many dance costumes can be worn as is with just a few additions or accessories.

  2. If your costume is primarily one color scheme, choose a costume that fits with the color! For example, if you have a red dress, you could be a ladybug or a devil. If your costume is blue, you could be a butterfly or mermaid. All black makes a super cute Halloween cat! White lyrical costumes make great brides, mummies and angels. Pink tutus can become cotton candy, and purple can become rock royalty.  Think outside the box. Plus, you can always use pieces and parts of different costumes to make a new one!

  3. Do you have old tights or leotards that are worn out or have holes in them? Add a few more rips and tears, some paint splotches and some awesome face makeup and you’ve got yourself a Zombie Ballerina! Maybe even make a tutu with some Halloween themed tulle! Check out this tutorial!

  4. Share and trade!  Looking for something new this Halloween?  Try trading costumes with a friend for a new to you look that is all your own!  Host a costume swap party for some pre Halloween cost saving fun!

Got a great idea?  Photos of yourself in your re purposed dance costume?  Share with us!!

 Happy Halloween from all of us at Kick Dance Studios!