Recital 2017 “My Hometown”

“My Hometown”  end of season performance!

We are thrilled to announce our theme for our show is “My Hometown” . Our show is all about the incredible community we live in and the great people we are surrounded by! Each of our dances is dedicated to a local business, place or landmark!


We are so excited to present our 16th annual dance recital at the Count Basie!  Dance is a performance art, and the recital is like our big game! Our teachers have worked hard choreographing routines that re-enforce basics, introduce new skills, and provide an opportunity to develop perforce skills.  Our dancers have worked so hard this year and are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to do want dancers do – PERFORM!!  We can’t wait to see all the amazing moments and memories created by our dancers!  Please tag @Kick_Dance_Studios and hashtag #myhometown2017 and share all your wonderful moments from dress rehearsals and our big show!

Special Gifts for all our Students!!

Each of our amazing Kick dancers in the 2017 performance receives a free  dance theme trophy, and an invitation to our RED CARPET DVD Premiere party!!  All our dancers should have also received a 16th anniversary tote bag.  If you did not get yours, please inquire at your next class! It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for an outstanding year:)

New this year we have hired a brand new video company to create a beautiful memory of our performance!  We are offering a special DVD and tee shirt package for just $35 (The package includes the DVD for the show your dancer is in…if you have kids in both shows you will receive both DVD’s at no extra fee) !  Additional tee shirts are just $12.

To order your DVD package, please use our online enrollment system and look under Special events in April.  You will find options to order each show (or both if you have kids in both shows) as well as additional tee shirts!

Click here to order your DVD/tee shirt package!!

Sunday May 21st 2017 Count Basie Theater

Show 1 – Rumson studio and Team Kick Pearl Sapphire and Emerald

Act 1 10:30 a.m., Act 2, 12:15 p.m., and Act 3 2 p.m.

Show 2 Fair Haven studio and Team Kick , Ruby, Diamond, and Platinum

Act 1 4:15  p.m., Act 2 5:30p.m., and Act 3 6:45 p.m.

Photos!!  NEW NEW!!

This year we are changing it up for recital photos!!  There are 3 photo options for all dancers

  1. Sign up for an individual or a sibling professional photo session at Kick!  On Thursday May 11th, EAP photography will be taking photos at Kick Rumson. (We are using a plain white backdrop this year) Photos are available for preview before purchase and packages start at just $28.  Click here to sign up (it’s free!)
  2. We will have our Kick backdrop at the show for your own personal photos!
  3. In addition we have a professional photography company taking LIVE ACTION pictures of every dance!  These incredible images will be available for purchase online after the show! The live action photos will take the place of posed class photos.




A beautiful keepsake program will be handed out free to families at the show.     We are now accepting congratulatory ads for a job well done in our “My Hometown” program for your dancer(s) from you a group or a business.  Pick your favorite photo of your dancer and send it along with wording and preferred ad size to no later than May 1st.  Our young dancers LOVE signing autographs for family and friends on their personalized ad space!  Space is limited and we do sell out every year!

Click here for more information including pricing!


Tickets are assigned seating.  There are no limits on the number of tickets you may purchase, but tickets are non refundable.   Tickets are $29.50 each plus a $2 service charge from Count Basie in advance, $35  plus a $2 service charge from Count Basie at the door.  The Count Basie is the premiere theater in our area and provides the highest quality performance experience for our dancers with amazing lighting and sound, a beautiful stage, top notch security backstage and a convenient location for our families,    Child dancers do not need a ticket to enter the theater as long as they are in costume!  Your ticket includes all 3 acts in your show, but separate tickets are required for the Rumson show and the Fair Haven Show.   No tickets are available at either Kick location.

Ticket sales start April 25 at 12pm for the Rumson show and April 26th at 12pm for the Fair Haven show.

Please use the links below for the best seats. You can also purchase in person at the Count Basie Box office or on the phone, but parents report the best availability is online.

Rumson show link

Fair Haven show link




Seating and the Order of the show!
Kick makes every effort to make the recital a fun day for both the dancers and the families.  Each Act is about 1 hour long.  We shortened our acts to have fewer dancer backstage at a time, allowing for easier dismissal.    At the end of the show we dismiss from youngest to oldest.  At the end of each act, dancers are dismissed in order to allow every parent to enjoy their child’s performance.  (If we dismiss during the show, your view of your child could be obstructed from other families getting up!)  A variety of dance styles and ages are presented in each act.  This is for both the audience’s entertainment, but also to have a mix of ages backstage and to allow our dancers in multiple classes adequate time to change.  Our tiniest dancers need the most attention!!
If you have one or two dancers in one or two dances you will be enjoying our show for an hour or two!  If you have 3 kids,  you will be enjoying our show for a longer time!!


Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsals are at Count Basie and are mandatory for all performers.  Dancers should wear their first costume to the theater and bring additional costumes if applicable (Junior and Senior team do not need their team costumes, just new costumes!!)

Parents are not permitted to watch dress rehearsal. Pick up and drop off is in the side alley (performers entrance). A Kick staff member will escort your child in and out of the performers entrance/exit.
Dress rehearsals (in costume!)
May 8 (Monday) Dress rehearsal at Count Basie Theater for the Fair Haven Show (Team Kick will only rehearse their recital only dances)

3:45-5:15PM Act I
5:15-6:30PM Act II

May 9 (Tuesday) Dress Rehearsal at Count Basie Theater for the Rumson Show (Team Kick will only rehearse their recital only dances)
3:45-5:30 Act I
5:15-6:45 Act II

Hair must be in a donut bun, same makeup as for the performance ( If you are in for more than one act please bring dinner)
NO SNACKS DURING DRESS REHEARSAL!!!  Too many food allergies! Please have an afterschool snack in the car on the way over!

There are no regular classes the week of dress rehearsals (May 8-13). 


All dancers (all ages!!) need stage makeup!  Kick stage makeup is black or grey eyeliner, black mascara, tan or brown eyeshadow, pink blush or bronzer, and red lipstick. No other colors please! Makeup must be applied at home and is required for both dress rehearsal and the show.  Hair should be in a donut bun.  Please use gel, bobby pins and hairspray to secure.  Donut buns are available at Harmon’s or larger drugstores.  Claire’s may have them as well.

Tights and Bodyliners  Tights are required for all dancers in skirts, tutus, or shorts.  REVOLUTION TAN TIGHTS (available at Kick!) are required to maintain a uniform look. We use Stirrup tights for dancers age 6 and up, plus competition team.  Younger dancers wear footed tights.  Ballet classes wear the Prima Pink tights (also Revolution and available at Kick) If you have tights from last year, great!  If not, please purchase by MAY 1st at either Kick location.  Tights are $14. Bodyliners are suggested for dancers with multiple costume changes (they are not needed for 1 or two changes) Bodyliners are $30 for the one piece, or $15 each piece for the 2 piece and are available at Rumson Kick only. Junior and Senior Team Kick will wear tan stirrup tights for all dances.


Show Day
Please bring water and a book to read. Coloring books and crayons are nice too! NO FOOD ALLOWED BACKSTAGE!! (we don’t want stained costumes….and we also have young children with multiple food allergies)  Please do not bring valuables (like jewelry or ipods…..things get lost backstage) Parents are not permitted backstage,so please send your child with all costumes at arrival time. Drop off is at the same side alley entrance. A Kick staff member will escort your child into the performers entrance.  All dancers will be dismissed from the Stage right (audience left) side inside the theater.
Rumson show –
Act 1 and Team may arrive at 10:00AM
Act 2 Should arrive at 11:45AM (please no earlier)
Act 3 should arrive at 1:30PM
Fair Haven Show
Team Kick (Jr/Sr) and dancers in Act one with multiple changes should arrive at 3:30PM
Performers in Act I only should arrive at 3:45PM
Performers in Act II only should arrive at 5:15PM (please no earlier)
Performers in Act III should be backstage at 6:30PM

***Moms of performers 4 and under – Your child will be under special supervision (by Vanessa’s mom Janet) You may stay for dress rehearsal,, but you don’t have to. Due to Count Basie security, your child will need to remain backstage during the performance.

Fall Class Registration for current students starts  May 1st  Register early, because classes fill quickly!  New students may register starting July 1st

 Order of the show!  The order is subject to change though May 1st 2017!!

Rumson Order of Show

Act 1

  1. Word Crimes – Emerald Ruby Hip Hop 1 Thursday 3:30- River Road Books
  2. Bills – Hip Hop Sapphire Thursday 3:30 – Wells Fargo Bank
  3. Fashion is My Kryptonite  –  Hip Hop/Jazz II Monday 4:15 – Sadie James Boutique
  4. Hoedown Throwdown – Hip Hop Pearl Thursday 3:30   – Surf BBQ
  5. Little Bitty Pretty One – Team Thursday – Alana’s Hair and Nail Salon
  6. How Much is That Doggie in the Window?- Shooting Stars Ballet- Monday 9:00 – Two River Animal Hospital
  7. Ralphie to the Rescue- Team Thursday- FH First Aid Squad
  8. Alice – Monday 3:30 Ballet – Raven and the Peach Tea Room
  9. Perfect Princess Tea- Princess Performers- Monday 3:30 –  The China Closet
  10. Espada  – Adv Emerald Ballet – Monday 5
  11. He’s The Wizard- Team Thursday – Two River Computer
  12. Dance of the Snowflakes- Emerald Ballet- Monday 4:15  Ski Barn
  13. Hot Chocolate – Jazz I Wednesday 5:45 – Chocolate Works
  14. Bandits – Hip Hop Crew – County Jail
  15. Bathing Beauties –  Team Thursday – Sport Spot
  16. Twist  – Monday Adv Mini Team- Lawless Chiropractic
  17. Seventeen – Emerald Jazz – Monday 3:15 – Cupcake Magician
  18. Wild Things –  Advanced Emerald Jazz – Monday 4:15
  19. Hallmark Card- Boys Hip Hop Breakdance – Thursday 3:30- Lairds
  20. It’s An Art- Triple Threat – Wednesday 6:30  –  Fromagerie
  21. Beautiful- TeamThursday – Jon Lori Salon
  22. Return To Sender – Tuesday 4PM Ballet tap – Post Office
  23. Shake  – Mini Team Wednesday- Freshica’s
  24. I would have Baked a Cake – Shake it up Ballet/Hip Hop Friday 12:15 – Cups and Cakes
  25. Shut Up and Dance With Me – Team Thursday – The Downtown
  26. Forget About the Boy – Team Thursday – Choi-Bose Law

Rumson Act 2

  1. The Afterworld  – Hip Hop Crew – Party Corner
  2. Henry the Latte Boy –  MTV Team 1 – Booskerdoo
  3. Hard Knock Life – Musical Theater Mini Team – Flair Cleaners
  4. How Much is That Doggie in the Window? – Shooting Star Princess Ballerina Monday 9:45 – Bark Avenue
  5. What the World Needs Now  – Ballet I/II Pearl         Tuesday 4:45 – Life Guard Ecumenical Foundation
  6. Carolina – Sapphire Ballet Tuesday 4:45 – Reserve Travel by Jennifer Anderson
  7. Marry Me – Adv. Sapphire Ballet Wednesday 4:15    Mustillo’s
  8. Real Wild Child – Hip Hop Jazz II Combo B Tuesday 6:45  Small Factory Productions
  9. Lack of Color – Emerald Contemporary – Canvas Art
  10. Fire – Jazz III Adv. Sapphire Wednesday 3:30 – FH Fire Department
  11. You’re What makes you Beautiful – Sapphire Jazz             Tuesday 4:45 – Nirvana Nails
  12. Diamonds are a Girl’s Best Friend  –  Pearl Jazz                Tuesday 5:30 – Gold Leaf Jewelers
  13. Video Games – Emerald/Ruby Hip Hop Wednesday 4:15   – Yestercades
  14. Who Let the Dogs Out –  Ballet Hip Hop – Saturday 10:30   Bark Avenue
  15. Baby  –  Shooting Star Princess Ballet B Saturday 9:45        By George Baby
  16. Beauty School Dropout  – Team Thursday – Nails Plus
  17. Soda Pop – Fabulous Feet Tap Team – Fairwinds Deli
  18. People Help the People – Team Thursday – Lunch Break
  19. Ain’t No One Here but Us Chickens – Team                    Thursday – Sickles Market
  20. Land of 1,000 Dances – Team   Thursday – Two River Travel
  21. Revolting Children Defying Gravity Acro Team – Meadowflower Nursery School
  22. Fabulous – Musical Theater/Jazz Tuesday 4:45 – Sweet and Sassy
  23. Book Of Love- Wednesday 3:30 Tap – River Road Books
  24. Daddy Daughter Dance
  25. Don’t Stop Me Now – Team Thursday  – Evolving Minds Tutoring
  26. Scenes From an Italian Restaurant  –  Team                    Team  – Trama’s Trattoria


  1. Mommy Daughter/Son
  2. Nervous Breakdown
  3. Sisters
  4. Better Days – Team Kick – Bains Outdoor Living
  5. How the Grinch Stole Christmas
  6. Little Town
  7. IN His Kiss
  8. Doll dance
  9. Easy Street
  10. Good Times Back
  11. Telephone Hour
  12. Queen Bee
  13. Cooties
  14. Boys are Back
  15. True Colors
  16. Mr Sandman
  17. Name in Lights
  18. Lets Have a Party
  19. You Don’t Own Me
  20. Thanks How We Do
  21. Dancin Fool
  22. Whatever You Imagine
  23. Hair
  24. Uptown Girl
  25. The Climb

Fair Haven Act 1

  1. A Musical  – Team Thursday – Jacks Music Shop
  2. Fire Burning – Hip Hop/ Jazz IITuesday 5 – Fire Department
  3. Old Time Rock and Roll – Tap 1A Wednesday 3:30 RUMSON  – Count Basie Theater
  4. New York City –  Team Thursday – Seastreak Ferry
  5. Fly with Me – Hip Hop/Jazz c Tuesday 4:15  – Newark Airport
  6. All I Want for Christmas – Team Thursday – Kilbride Tree Farm
  7. Glam – Ruby Jazz Tuesday 4:45-  Manicured Woman
  8. How to Save a Life – Tuesday Platinum Ballet – Riverview
  9. Cirque Du Solei – Diamond Ballet Tuesday – Barnstormers
  10. ABC –  Dance Sampler Thursday 1:30 – Smart Start Pre School
  11. Animals – Diamond Hip Hop – Fins and Feathers
  12. Dream – Ruby Team Kick Edwards Wealth Management
  13. Pump It – Ballet/Hip Hop Combo Monday 4:15 –  Rumson Exxon
  14. King of New York – MTV Saturday 11:15 – Two River
  15. Surf’s Up – Jazz/Acro Combo Monday 5 – Greenlines
  16. Will Power – Team Thursday – The Power Center
  17. Right Now – Team Thursday – Perspirology
  18. Our Favorite Son -Team Thursday-  Rumson Mayor
  19. Hide And Seek – Team Thursday-  Canyon Pass Provisions
  20. Big Doll House – Team Thursday – Rumson Police Dept

Fair Haven Act 2

  1. Sids Room – Acro TeamThursday- Disctinctive Toys
  2. Style – TSwift Sampler Thursday 4:45 – Moonchild
  3. Toy Soldiers – Mini Team Thursday – Hobbymasters/Toymasters
  4. Mein Herr – Team Thursday –  Asbury Festhalle
  5. In The Money – Team Wednesday – RHF Bank
  6. All For the Best
  7. Kiss The Girl – Team Thursday – Fergusen Dental
  8. Sea Cruise – Finding Dory Dancers Thursday 3:15 – Seastreak Ferry
  9. Chapel of Love – Shooting Star Ballet Tuesday 5 – Barefoot Bride
  10. False Alarm – Team Thursday – Rumson First Aid
  11. Ever After – Princess Performers Thursday 4pm – Gem of an
  12. Some Like It Hot – Team Thursday – Rumson Fire
  13. TEAM – Hip Hop Crew –  Val’s
  14. Shake Señora – Hip Hop I/II B Wednesday 4:45 – Juanitos
  15. New York, New York – Fabulous Feet Tap Team Tuesday 7:30-  NJ Transit
  16. Wepa – Team Thursday – Runa
  17. The Rose – Ruby Ballet Tuesday 3:45 – Boxwood Garden
  18. Speaking French – Diamond Jazz Tuesday 5:30 – The French Market
  19. Photograph – Ballet II Thursday 3:30 – Caroline Keating Photography
  20. Bellhops – Team Thursday – Molly Pitcher Inn
  21. Sail – Team Thursday – River Rats
  22. Casualty of Love – Team Thursday – Golden Goose Jewelers

Fair Haven Act 3

  1. Laverne and Shirley
  2. All That Jazz
  3. Schuyler Sisters
  4. Castle
  5. Sweater Weather
  6. Quarantine
  7. Valerie
  8. Wanna Be Like You
  9. Cats
  10. Sadie Sadie
  11. Fancy
  12. Hands
  13. Move
  14. Stay
  15. I Love Me
  16. You’re the One that I Want
  17. Strongest Suit
  18. Cabaret
  19. Firework
  20. Hallelujah
  21. Beetlejuice
  22. Don’t rain on My parade
  23. Halo
  24. Tag The Town
  25. Who’s That Chick
  26. Shoeless Joe