“Heroes” Kick Showcase 2018

“Heroes”  Kick Showcase 2018!


We are thrilled to announce our theme for our show is “Heroes” . Our show is all about the incredible heroes in our lives everyday! Each of our dances is dedicated to a hero, or the hero we can be!


We are so excited to present our 17th annual dance recital at the Count Basie!  Dance is a performance art, and the recital is like our big game! Our teachers have worked hard choreographing routines that re-enforce basics, introduce new skills, and provide an opportunity to develop perforce skills.  Our dancers have worked so hard this year and are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to do want dancers do – PERFORM!!  We can’t wait to see all the amazing moments and memories created by our dancers!  Please tag @Kick_Dance_Studios and hashtag #KickHeroes2018 and share all your wonderful moments from dress rehearsals and our big show!

Special Gifts for all our Students!!

Each of our amazing Kick dancers in the 2018 performance receives a free  tee shirt and a digital download of our entire show!  It’s our way of saying THANK YOU for an outstanding year:)

New this year we have hired a brand new video company to create a beautiful memory of our performance!  Our video will be available 3 weeks after the show for digital download at no cost to our families.

Opening Number!

New this year is the amazing opportunity for all of our Kick family of performers to be in a BIG PRODUCTION Opening number!  Sign ups for Opening Number starts Wednesday March 21st!!  Don’t miss out! Details coming soon!

Rumson Show Opening Number “The Greatest Show”

Open for dancers ages 4-12 including Mini and Junior Team Kick (will be divided by age/level) Cost is $65 and includes all rehearsals and a glitter hair bow! (Dancers will wear their Heroes Tee shirt with black shorts and tights, boys wear tee shirt and shorts)

Rehearsals (Dancers May Miss one!)

Thursday May 10th 5:30-7

Monday May 14th 6-7

Wednesday May 16 4:30-6

Thursday May 17 6-7:30 (Dancers ages 7 and under are dismissed at 7)

Fair Haven Show Opening Number “This is Me”

Open for dancers ages 4-16 including Mini and Senior  Team Kick (will be divided by age/level) Cost is $65 and includes all rehearsals and a glitter hair bow (Diamond level dancers are choreographing sections of the dance and there is no fee for Diamond Senior Company Members to participate)! (Dancers will wear their Heroes Tee shirt with black shorts and tights, boys wear tee shirt and shorts)

Rehearsals (Dancers May Miss one!)

Thursday May 10th 6-8 (Dancers ages 8 and under are dismissed at 7)

Wednesday May 16 6-8 (Dancers ages 8 and under are dismissed at 7)

Thursday May 17 4:30-6

Sunday May 20th 2018 Count Basie Theater

Show 1 – Rumson studio and Team Kick Pearl Sapphire and Emerald

Act 1 11AM

Act 2 12:30PM


Show 2 Fair Haven studio and Team Kick , Ruby, Amethyst/Topaz Diamond

Act 1 3:30PM

Act 2 5PM

Act 3 6:30PM


There are 3 photo options for all dancers

  1. Sign up for an individual or a sibling professional photo session at Kick! Details TBA
  2. We will have our Kick backdrop at the show for your own personal photos!
  3. In addition we have a professional photography company taking LIVE ACTION pictures of every dance!  These incredible images will be available for purchase online after the show! The live action photos will take the place of posed class photos.




A beautiful keepsake program will be handed out free to families at the show.   Ad sales will begin in early April.  Our young dancers LOVE signing autographs for family and friends on their personalized ad space!  Space is limited and we do sell out every year!



Tickets are assigned seating.  There are no limits on the number of tickets you may purchase, but tickets are non refundable.    The Count Basie is the premiere theater in our area and provides the highest quality performance experience for our dancers with amazing lighting and sound, a beautiful stage, top notch security backstage and a convenient location for our families,    Child dancers do not need a ticket to enter the theater as long as they are in costume!  Your ticket includes all 3 acts in your show, but separate tickets are required for the Rumson show and the Fair Haven Show.   No tickets are available at either Kick location.

Ticket sales!

Tickets are sold though the Count Basie Box office only.  For best seats order your tickets online at the start of ticket sales. Sales start on Tuesday April 17th at noon for the Rumson and Junior Team show and on Wednesday April 18th at noon for the Fair Haven and Senior Company show.  A link will be sent via email when ticket sales start.



Seating and the Order of the show!
Kick makes every effort to make the recital a fun day for both the dancers and the families.  Each Act is about 1 hour long.  We shortened our acts to have fewer dancer backstage at a time, allowing for easier dismissal.    At the end of the show we dismiss from youngest to oldest.  At the end of each act, dancers are dismissed in order to allow every parent to enjoy their child’s performance.  (If we dismiss during the show, your view of your child could be obstructed from other families getting up!)  A variety of dance styles and ages are presented in each act.  This is for both the audience’s entertainment, but also to have a mix of ages backstage and to allow our dancers in multiple classes adequate time to change.  Our tiniest dancers need the most attention!!
If you have one or two dancers in one or two dances you will be enjoying our show for an hour or two!  If you have 3 kids,  you will be enjoying our show for a longer time!!


Dress Rehearsal
Dress Rehearsals are at Count Basie and are mandatory for all performers.  Dancers should wear their first costume to the theater and bring additional costumes if applicable (Junior and Senior team do not need their team costumes, just new costumes!!)

Parents are not permitted to watch dress rehearsal. Pick up and drop off is in the side alley (performers entrance). A Kick staff member will escort your child in and out of the performers entrance/exit.

Dress rehearsals (in costume!)
May 15 (Tuesday) Dress rehearsal at Count Basie Theater for both shows for showcase only dances and mini team.


Hair must be in a donut bun, same makeup as for the performance ( If you are in for more than one act please bring dinner)
NO SNACKS DURING DRESS REHEARSAL!!!  Too many food allergies! Please have an afterschool snack in the car on the way over!

There are no regular classes the week of dress rehearsals (May 14-18). 


All dancers (all ages!!) need stage makeup!  Kick stage makeup is black or grey eyeliner, black mascara, tan or brown eyeshadow, pink blush or bronzer, and red lipstick. No other colors please! Makeup must be applied at home and is required for both dress rehearsal and the show.  Hair should be in a donut bun.  Please use gel, bobby pins and hairspray to secure.  Donut buns are available at Harmon’s or larger drugstores.  Claire’s may have them as well.

Tights and Bodyliners  Tights are required for all dancers in skirts, tutus, or shorts.  Balera TAN TIGHTS (available at Kick!) are required to maintain a uniform look. We use Stirrup tights for dancers age 6 and up, plus competition team.  Younger dancers wear footed tights.  Ballet classes wear the Prima Pink tights (also Balera and available at Kick)  Tights are $14. Bodyliners are suggested for dancers with multiple costume changes (they are not needed for 1 or two changes) Bodyliners are $30 for the one piece, or $15 each piece for the 2 piece and are available at Rumson Kick only. Junior and Senior Team Kick will wear tan stirrup tights for all dances.


Show Day
Please bring water and a book to read. Coloring books and crayons are nice too! NO FOOD ALLOWED BACKSTAGE!! (we don’t want stained costumes….and we  have young children with multiple food allergies)  Please do not bring valuables (like jewelry or ipods…..things get lost backstage) Parents are not permitted backstage,so please send your child with all costumes at arrival time. Drop off is at the same side alley entrance. A Kick staff member will escort your child into the performers entrance.  All dancers will be dismissed from the Stage right (audience left) side inside the theater.

***Moms of performers 4 and under – Your child will be under special supervision (by Vanessa’s mom Janet) You may stay for dress rehearsal,, but you don’t have to. Due to Count Basie security, your child will need to remain backstage during the performance.  Performers who are finished dancing are dismissed between acts.

Fall Class Registration for current students starts  May 1st  Register early, because classes fill quickly!  New students may register starting July 1st

 Order of the show!  The order is subject to change though May 1st 2018!!