“Feeling 22” Kick Showcase 2023


We are so excited to present our 22nd annual showcase

Feeling 22

Sunday May 21st 2023

We are over the moon excited for our 2023 showcase!

Dance is a performance art, and the showcase is like our big game! Our teachers have worked hard choreographing routines that re-enforce basics, introduce new skills, and provide an opportunity to develop perforce skills.  Our dancers have worked so hard this year and are anxiously awaiting the opportunity to do what dancers do – PERFORM!!  We can’t wait to see all the amazing moments and memories created by our dancers!  Please tag @Kick_Dance_Studios and hashtag #KickFeeling22 and share all your wonderful moments from showcase!

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Reminder – photo and video are not permitted at Showcase. Each family will receive a free digital download of the entire show! Professional video is our gift to you!! Please put your phone down and enjoy all of our amazing dancers!  They have worked so hard all year!

Show Day Sunday May 21st

Please arrive in costume with Hair and Makeup show ready.  Drop of is at the stage door entrance.  Dismissal is in the theater audience left (Stage Right) alcove between acts only.  Please send the parent who does regular drop off and pick up at Kick so we can easily visually identify each parent/guardian.

Premiere Connections and Edge Duffel load in is 2-2:30PM ONLY
Act 1 Drop off is at 2:30PM
Act 2 Drop off is at 4PM
Act 3 Drop Off is at 5:30PM

Drop off is at the performers entrance (99 Monmouth Street) to the right of the main doors and down the alley until you reach the stage door.  Please look for our Feeling 22 signs and special greeters! 

Pick up will be done in the audience (audience left side/stage right) by class.  We will announce at the show so you can know exactly where to go!

Seating and the Order of the show!
Kick makes every effort to make the recital a fun day for both the dancers and the families.  Each act is about an hour and fifteen minutes long.   At the end of each act we dismiss dancers who have finished performing for the day from youngest to oldest.  At the end of each act, dancers are dismissed in order to allow every parent to enjoy their child’s performance.  (If we dismiss during the show, your view of your child could be obstructed from other families getting up!)  A variety of dance styles and ages are presented in each act.  This is for both the audience’s entertainment, but also to have a mix of ages backstage and to allow our dancers in multiple classes adequate time to change.  Our tiniest dancers need the most attention!!  

  • Makeup/Hair
    All dancers (all ages!!) need stage makeup!  Kick stage makeup is black or grey eyeliner, black mascara, tan or brown eyeshadow, pink blush or bronzer, and red lipstick. No other colors please! Makeup must be applied at home and is required for both dress rehearsal and the show. 
  • Hair for Tutus and Bow Ties, #Danceclassremix, Princess Ballet, Shake it Up Ballet Tap, Mini Teams, Building Ballet, Hip Hop (Mondays with Miss Katie) and Pop Stars is a donut bun at crown of head. 
  • Premiere level classes and above hair is a center part low bun. No donuts please (All Premiere, Connections and Edge classes) NO HAIR CHANGES -BUN FOR ALL DANCES!
  • Please use gel, bobby pins and hairspray to secure.  Donut buns are available at Harmon’s, Amazon, or larger drugstores. 

Tights and Bodyliners Tights are required for all dancers in skirts, tutus, or shorts. 

  • All classes that wear ballet shoes wear Weissmans Prima Pink tights   Classes that wear tan jazz shoes wear Weissmans caramel tights.  Thursday Premiere tap wears weissmans black fishnet tights. Friday Ballet tap wears Weissmans prima pink tights and ballet shoes.  Hip Hop classes with skirts wear Weissmans caramel tights.  (If you costume is pants, no tights are needed) .  Competition team dances wear what they have been wearing with each costume.  All tights are available at Kick and are $14.
  • Bodyliners are suggested for dancers with multiple costume changes (they are not needed for 1 or two changes) Bodyliners are $36 for the one piece, or $18 each piece for the 2 piece and are available at  Kick.

Special Gifts for all our Students!!

Each of our amazing Kick dancers in the 2023 performance receives a special gift of a showcase tee shirt in May!! Every family will receive a complimentary professional digital download of our show!!

50/50 and raffle fundraiser!

Our National Honor Society for Dance Arts dancers are raising funds for summer trainings!  Be sure to buy a 50/50 ticket at showcase – we will pick a winner at the end of each act!! You can enter the 50/50 all 3 acts!  They are also raffling off a Yeti cooler filled with adult drinks – perfect for the beach club! Winner picked at end of act 3 (need not be present to win!) Tickets are $20 each or 3 for $50.  You can venmo @kickfundraising2022 to enter!!


There are 3 photo options for all dancers

  1. Sign up for an individual or a sibling professional photo session at Kick.  Kick is thrilled to offer showcase photo sessions with Miss Kyla. These photos are a beautiful keepsake of our 2023 showcase “Feeling 22”.     Photos sessions are available at Kick Rumson from 1-5PM on Friday May 19. Each session is $59 and includes 1 digital image suitable for printing. (Please note photos are optional – participation is not required)    One costume per session only (but you can purchase additional session) If you have siblings in the showcase you are welcome to have them all in one photo for a family memory!  There are only 10 slots available for photo sessions.  Sign ups coming soon
  2. We will have our Kick backdrop at the show for your own personal photos
  3. In addition we have professional photographer Miss Kyla taking  LIVE ACTION pictures of every dance!  These incredible images will be available online after the show! The live action photos will take the place of posed class photos.


Fall Class Registration for current students starts May 1st.  Our classes are filling at a record rate! Early enrollment is strongly recommended:)  New students may register starting July 1st.  Link to enroll! https://app.thestudiodirector.com/kickstudio/portal.sd


Show order!!

Feeling 22 Act 1 3PM (Drop off 2:30PM)

1. 22 -Premiere Company Opening Number
2. It Doesn’t Hurt -Sadie Berry
3. Can You Feel the Love Tonight – Building Ballet
4. Oh My God You Guys – Premiere Company
5. Feel Better When I’m Dancing – Princess Ballet Tuesday 2PM
6. Ciara -Connections and Edge Company
7. I Feel Pretty – Tutus and Bow Ties Wednesday 9:15AM
8. Emotion – Premiere 1 Ballet
9. Feels – Premiere Elite Jazz
10. Cold Hearted Snake – Connections Company
11. She’s In Love – Princess Ballet Saturday 9AM
12. Girl Squad – Connections Company
13. Let It Be – Tap Crew
14. Think! – Premiere Company
15. Bills – Premiere Company
16. Put On A Happy Face – Shake it up Ballet and Tap
17. We Enjoy Being Girls – MTV
18. Finding Hope – Edge Company
19. Crusin for a Brusin – Premiere Company
20. Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs – Hip Hop Crew
21. Coronation Day – Ballet Company
22. Saturday Night – Sadie and Henry Berry
23. Shower – Pastel Pop Stars and Rainbow Rockers Thursday 3:30PM
24. Wonderland – Hip Hop Crew
25. Wake Me Up-Sadie Berry and Peyton Winick
26. Daddy Daughter dance ages 3-8

Feeling 22 Act 2 4:30PM (Drop off 4PM)

1. Daddy Daughter Dance ages 8+
2. How Do You Know? – Tutus and Bow Ties Tuesday 5pm
3. Make Em Laugh – Premiere Tap
4. Bleeding Love – Sadie Berry
5. Beat It – Tap Crew
6. Beautiful Spring Day – Premiere Elite Ballet
7. Boots – Premiere Company
8. My Favorite Things- Tutus and Bow Ties – Thursday 2:45
9. Magic – #DanceClassRemix Wednesday 3:45
10. Forget About the Boy – Connections Company
11. We Go Together -Premiere Company
12. Hate You – Edge Company
13. Feel Good- Connections 2 Contemporary
14. Emotions- Premiere 2 Jazz
15. Never Fully Dressed Without A Smile – Mini Team
16. Great Balls of Fire -Premiere Company
17. Lost Boys – Acro Crew
18. Hallucinations – Contemporary Company
19. We Are Young – Connections Company
20. What A Feeling – Premiere 1 jazz
21. Brave – #DanceClassRemix Tuesday 2:45
22. I’m SO Excited – Mighty Jazzers
23. School of Rock – Premiere Company
24. Rock Of Ages -Connections and Edge Companies

Feeling 22 Act 3 6:00PM (Drop off 5:30PM)

1. Can’t Stop the Feeling -Premiere Hip Hop
2. SOS – Kayla Kirk
3. Tennessee Whiskey – SAdie Berry
4. Corpse Bride – Tap Crew
5. Feel Good Inc Connections Hip Hop
6. Cell Block Tango -Edge Company
7. Sunday Best – Hip Hop 1/2 Monday 5:15PM
8. Carmen’s Grand March- Connections 1 Ballet
9. Happy – Hip Hop 1/2 Monday 3:45PM
10. Mob Wives – Hip Hop Crew
11. Back in Black -Edge Company
12. Hey DJ – Connections Company
13. Don’t Worry, Be Happy – Connections Hip Hop
14. Joy to the World Princess Ballet Thursday 12:45
15. Come Together – Edge Company
16. School’s Out – Mini Team
17. One Short Day -MTV
18. Locked Up – Hip Hop Crew
19. Cut to the Feeling Pastel Pop Stars and rainbow Rockers – Tuesday 3:30
20. Feeling Lucky – Premiere 2 Ballet
21. Paint It Black – Acro Crew
22. Good Riddance – Sadie Berry, Chloe Crowell, Kayla Kirk
23. National Honor Society for Dance Arts inductees
24. I Feel Like Dancing -Connections and Edge Companies