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Showcase Memories

Showcase Memories!

The showcase is known for creating special memories—both for the dancer and for their family and friends.  It is a sentimental moment in time for many parents, watching their child perform in front of an audience!  For many of our dance families at Kick Performing Arts, it marks the closure of one year’s journey in dance and “sets the stage” for the next.

After the showcase, costumes become special mementos, programs become keepsakes, photos become facebook posts, and our free digital download of the show often become your household’s most-watched entertainment!  The time may have passed, but the souvenirs remain … along with the personal growth each student has achieved.

One comment we often hear from parents after the showcase is how their child won’t stop talking about it!  The excitement lifts them up long after the curtain has come down.  We love hearing about this kind of enthusiasm, and we hope you’ll keep the dance conversation going at home.  This is an excellent time to listen to what your child has to say about what they liked best or what was challenging.  Being able to reflect on the experience and communicate that to others is another awesome skill to develop!

Sometimes the memories made at showcase aren’t the ones you’d expect.  Maybe your dancer became distracted at one point onstage and made a silly face that made everyone laugh, or maybe they forgot a step during the dance and seemed discouraged.  Live performances can be a little unpredictable like this, but with a growth mindset, you and your child can still choose to see the positive outcome.  Like how that silly face was sweet and entertaining, and grandma loved it.  Or that forgotten step?  What a way to show perseverance!

The lifetime memories made at the showcase enrich our students’ knowledge and understanding of what a performance encompasses.  They create context for other performing opportunities, such as in theater or music, and they build the kind of confidence only experience can deliver.

Performing onstage is an incredible opportunity for dancers to share what they have been learning in class, and to showcase their progress from the beginning of the year to the end.  Learning how to dance is a gradual process, and some skills take years to fully master—but however big or small the steps are, it is a major accomplishment for anyone to perform in front of hundreds of people!  All the hard work is worthwhile when a dancer experiences the high fives and smiles and congratulations that the recital brings from classmates, family, and friends.

Whether it’s a young dancer performing for their first time or a teen dancer showcasing years of training, performance day achievements are incredibly special to celebrate.  Lifelong memories are made from those achievements—and for many dancers, a true passion for dance is ignited!  


The Summer Stride

The Summer Stride

Summer is just around the corner and here at Kick Performing Arts we are super excited about all our fantastic summer program offerings!

With the current dance season winding down and the new season ramping up, you might have been wondering lately if summer dance classes are right for your child. From our experience, every student has the potential to hit their “summer stride” … in other words, they all have the ability to keep their learning power going in the summer, without losing any momentum!

We believe there is a unique benefit for each and every student who dances with us in the summer, whether it’s during a weekly class, a dance camp, or an intensive. Read on to see which advantages might be in store for your child!

Making Progress
Because dance is built on muscle memory, summer study can help your child fine-tune their movement vocabulary and technique, allowing them to improve their skills, grow stronger, and be better prepared to take on new material.  With so much more available time, we see our dancers make huge progress each summer!

Being Consistent
Young children do well with stability in their routine, so maintaining that normalcy with summer dance can give them (and you!) peace of mind, even as the rest of your summer plans may vary.  For our older dancers the consistency allows them to stay strong all summer long!!

Getting Motivated
After the showcase, we find that some students are eager to try a new dance style (usually something they were inspired by!) to see how they like it. Summer is THE perfect time to test out those new interests, without a long commitment.

Gaining Confidence
Our summer programs, with their blend of both structure and fun, can give your child the boost they need to jump into fall classes feeling good about themselves. There’s nothing quite like the personal development that can be built in the summer!

It’s part of our mission to ensure that your child is learning how to balance their hard work with time off, and the summer offers the best of both worlds. We encourage all of our students to make time for rest and relaxation, and also make time to keep their bodies strong and minds engaged. This balance is what the true summer stride is all about!

There’s something for everyone here this summer at Kick Performing Arts. We’re happy to help you customize the right schedule for your family or make a special recommendation for your child … just ask!


Dance Helps Create Bond Stronger Than Blood  


Olivia Brown was the first to greet her new sister the night she arrived. It was the beginning of a sisterly bond that has only grown stronger with time.

When Bree was 1-year-old, she was adopted by Gary Brown and Lee Clay of Fair Haven. Olivia, who was 14 at the time, remembers the day the family got the phone call that Bree was coming to be a part of their family.

“I was so excited, but nervous and anxious,” said Olivia.

danceGary and Lee knew they wanted to open their home to another child after having their three kids, Olivia, now 25, Riley, 23, and Lloyd, 20. They worked with the state, went through the adoption process, and waited.

“Once Bree came to us, she was just immediately a part of our family,” said Lee.

No one knew just how much Bree and Olivia would have in common that night the two sisters met at the family’s Fair Haven home, but the two are forever bonded.

And that bond is strongly tied to dance.

Olivia began dancing when she was in second grade. She was one of the original Kick Dance Studio dancers. Vanessa Berry, owner and instructor at Kick Dance, was renting studio space, just starting out in her business.

Olivia and her friends took a hip hop class every Friday. Those classes turned into competitions as class sizes increased and Kick Dance began to grow into its own.

Olivia was an original part of the Kick Dance Studio family.

“I remember when Vanessa got married and had Sadie and Henry,” said Olivia. “We were like a family. We even threw Vanessa a baby shower when she was pregnant with Sadie.”

Olivia even worked at Kick Dance for three years in high school, helping the smallest dancers in the classroom and working at the front desk.

Now, Bree is following in her big sister’s footsteps, taking classes at Kick. (In fact, Bree’s two other siblings even took classes at Kick Dance at some point in their lives.)

Bree began dancing at Kick when she was in kindergarten, and is still at the studio today, taking acro and lyrical dance.

“I’m good at acrobatics and I took gymnastics,” said Bree. “I like that I’m learning skills and using acro to get better at other kinds of dances.”

danceShe’s so into acro that Miss Deidre, the acro instructor at Kick, said Bree has the most flexible back she’s ever seen. That flexibility has helped Bree master her front walk over, and aided her in working to conquer the back handspring.

In fact, during Bree’s interview as she proudly talked about her flexibility, she demonstrated her chin stand in her living room floor, a place where she and Olivia have spent countless hours dancing together.

That very chin stand was the source of extreme pride for Bree, after Vanessa praised her and encouraged her to keep practicing and to never give up. Once she perfected her chin stand, Vanessa was the most excited. A true testament to the family atmosphere that exists at Kick.

“Vanessa has always been totally supportive of everything the girls have done,” said Lee. “Besides the dance side of things, she’s been an unbelievable role model for them in the business world. She’s never been stagnant; she’s always looking for ways to better the studio. The sky is really the limit for her.”

danceAfter Olivia graduated from the University of Kentucky, she joined the Peace Corps and was stationed in West Africa for 26 months. She worked in remote villages as a health development agent, educating the community on hygiene, malaria prevention, nutrition and child and maternal health.

Being apart for so long was difficult for the sisters, but frequent phone calls and even a visit to Africa by the family helped ease the distance. When Bree was chosen to perform as Belle in an acro performance, she immediately called Olivia in Africa and gave her the good news.

“I feel proud that I’m doing something my siblings did,” said Bree. “When Olivia was in Africa I used to watch her old dance tapes to try to follow what she did.”

Now that Olivia is back in Fair Haven, the two sisters have been spending time together, often practicing Bree’s dance routines. And what better teacher than a sister who went through the same thing?

“Having them be a part of Kick has been such a great experience,” said Lee. “They’ve learned life-long skills, like working with a group and succeeding, and also learning to deal with setbacks and carrying on.”

Bree recently performed in the Kick for a Cause Event, an annual charity show Kick Dance puts on to raise money for a charity they pick each year. Even though Bree has performed in front of an audience before, the 12-year-old still gets a little nervous at times. But this time, without Bree having to say a word, her Kick Dance friend Grace Lehman, who will be featured in an upcoming blog, was by her side.

“Grace was a big role model for me,” said Bree. “She gave me a high five and told me it was going to be ok.”

Kick dancers always have each other’s backs.

Bree and family are no stranger to charity work like Kick for a Cause.

Lee volunteers at Asbury Park’s Covenant House, and the family raises money for the organization. Lee is currently helping to organize A Night of Future Broadway Stars for the organization, an event that is a combination of Broadway stars and outstanding Monmouth County stars, mixing singing and dancing. The event is April 14 at 7 p.m. at Rumson Fair Haven High School.

As Olivia passed the proverbial Kick Dance torch to her youngest sister, she physically handed down her Kick Dance sweatshirt to Bree. A symbol of the unbreakable bond shared between the sisters, that grows stronger by the day.

Photos by Purelee Photography

Henry Berry

Henry Berry: Radiating Self-Confidence


He’s got rhythm. He’s got balance. He’s got the beat. And most of all, he’s got confidence.

Eight-year-old Henry Berry plays soccer and baseball and takes guitar and karate lessons. That’s a busy schedule for a youngster, and it takes a tremendous amount of focus and passion to be that active at 8 years old.

Henry BerryHenry learned discipline early on from his time taking dance classes at Kick Dance Studios, where he started dancing at 2. We should mention that Henry’s mother is Vanessa Berry, owner of the dance studio, so dance was in Henry’s blood from day one. Or earlier if you ask Vanessa, who often felt Henry move around in her belly when pregnant.

Henry is able to focus and succeed in all his extracurricular activities because of the tremendous self-confidence that dance has instilled in him.

“Henry’s level of confidence has sky rocketed,” said Vanessa. “It’s amazing to see him so confident when performing on stage.”

And that confidence has carried over into other aspects of Henry’s life.

“He’s so confident in the classroom, on the playground, in sports and at karate,” said Vanessa.

In fact, Henry’s dōjō commented on his great balance and conditioning. And his guitar teacher noticed Henry’s ear for timing and rhythm. All of these are skills Henry picked up in dance.

The 8-year-old is a social butterfly, especially during dance classes. He looks forward to being on a team with the other boys at the studio, but Henry feels at home in any group.

“I get along with everyone,” said Henry.

Henry BerryWe think the world needs more attitudes just like that.

Henry is just as comfortable in a big group of dancers as he is performing a solo in front of an audience. It’s this kind of self-confidence that has made Henry up for anything.

During the photoshoot for Kick Dance Studio’s 15th anniversary celebration at Small Factory Productions in Fair Haven, it took no time at all until Henry was up on a table, jumping sky high with a huge grin on his face for the camera. His confidence shining through each second. The kid is comfortable in his skin.

Dance has taught Henry to listen and follow directions, which are vital skills to have when performing solos or dancing in a group.

“His retention is excellent,” said Vanessa. “It’s just you out there, and it’s a huge responsibility to remember the steps and the movements.”

And Henry is loving it. In fact, Henry loves all aspects of dancing.

We asked Henry to pick a favorite kind of dance, but he couldn’t do it.

“I really like them all,” said Henry. “I like all the different styles, they’re all so fun.”

Whether it’s breakdancing with the hip hop group or practicing ballet in a room full of girls, Henry genuinely loves all kinds of dance.

“He’s just totally comfortable in every kind of situation,” said Vanessa.

There can be a lot of pressure being the son of a dance studio owner, but Henry embraced his role and has blossomed into a great dancer, full of confidence and self-assurance.

As Kick Dance Studios celebrates its 15th anniversary, we’ll be featuring some of our dancers, like Henry, and the personal stories that make them unique.

Photos by Purelee Photography

Kick Dance Studios is More Than Just Great Dancing

Kick Dance is More Than Just Great Dancing

Being a part of Kick Dance Studios is more than just great dancing. Literally.

Kick Dance Studios is part of a group called More Than Just Great Dancing, an organization made up of dance studios around the nation focused on making a positive impact on dance students and the community. In fact, Kick Dance was one of 15 founding members of the organization, started in 2012, and is the only dance studio accredited by More Than Just Great Dancing in Central New Jersey.

“In addition to our network, we have live events to share and learn from each other,” said Vanessa Berry, owner and instructor at Kick Dance Studios. “We share both business and curriculum information, while learning customer service best practices.”

Kick Dance Studios is More Than Just Great Dancing
Vanessa Berry, More Than Just Great Dance founder, Misty Lown, and member Alicia Knopps.

But More Than Just Great Dancing has an even wider reach, encouraging community outreach, community service, and fostering and nurturing dance students to become great people, on and off stage.

“Kick Dance joined More Than Just Great Dancing to have a network of like-minded studio owners dedicated to elevating our industry and preserving childhood,” said Vanessa Berry.

And that’s precisely the mission of More Than Just Great Dancing — to raise the bar for dance studio education, and to honor, support and recognize the studios who desire to offer age-appropriate education for dancers growing up in a complex world.

Community service and outreach is a big theme at More Than Just Great Dancing, and something Vanessa and her instructors take very seriously. Each year the studio chooses a new charity to work with, and all proceeds support that organization.

This year, Kick Dance raised $10,000 for StrongMom.org, an organization supporting one mother’s battle with colon cancer, and Project Write Now, a group offering writing classes and workshop experiences to children, teens, and adults in Red Bank, NJ.

Two years ago, Kick Dance chose to support the National Multiple Sclerosis (MS) Society, and raised $8,500 with their annual “Kick for a Cause” performance on February 23. The charity was chosen to show support for a mother of one of Kick’s dance team students who has MS, a chronic disease that attacks the central nervous system.

Other charitable efforts include raising money for Hurricane Sandy-damaged Monmouth Beach Elementary School, All Fur Love Animal Rescue, and Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation for Childhood Cancer.

Vanessa Berry and K-3 students during a Halloween flash mob rehearsal.
Vanessa Berry and K-3 students during a Halloween flash mob rehearsal.

“Our annual charity show has raised over $80,000 so far,” said Vanessa. “We also are very involved with our local schools. Right now I am teaching K-3 a Halloween flash mob dance to perform for the parents at the annual costume parade.”

This year, Kick Dance is standing up to bullying with the help of More Than Just Great Dancing. The organization is sponsoring a “Define Yourself” campaign to raise awareness about October’s National Bullying Prevention Month. The idea is for teenage dance students to start a movement to shed labels and define themselves by who they are and not how others define them.

“At More Than Dancers, we believe you are more than just a dancer,” said Misty Lown, founder of More Than Just Great Dancing. “You are a sister, a brother, an athlete, a student, a volunteer, a person of faith, etc. And you are even more than that! You are a person of worth and value simply because you are you. You are uniquely gifted and already have everything inside of you to reach your dreams!”

Kick Dance Studios is one of the first dance studios to support this anti-bullying movement, asking its dancers to fill in this sentence: I will be more than a dancer, I will be ______. Students may say “a positive influence to others,” “a good friend to everyone,” or “a person who tries my best.” The answers are limitless and are meant to remind us all that there is more to us than meets the eye. The campaign revolves around the fact that we all dance to a different beat and that we shouldn’t let others define us.

More Than Just Great Dancing and Kick Dance Studios are committed to excellence, both in the classroom and in the community. The close-knit group has proven to be a great resource and learning experience for Vanessa, her instructors, and the studio as a whole. For more information, visit www.morethanjustgreatdancing.com.

Now ask yourself, how will you define you? Then fill in this sentence:  I will be more than a great ______, I will be ________.

Photo 1: Vanessa Berry, More Than Just Great Dance founder, Misty Lown, and member Alicia Knopps. More Than Just Great Dancing provides dance studio owners with a knowledgeable and dedicated network of like-minded business owners who know the business of dance.

Cover Photo: Kick Dance students Anna Ciardiello, 9 of Fair Haven, and Lauren Connoly, 9 of Little Silver, on stage after a community performance at Harvest Fest at Knollwood School in Fair Haven. Kick Dance Studios is a member of More Than Just Great Dancing, a group of dance studios focused on making a positive impact on dance students and the community.


Young Ballerinas at Dance Class

4 Reasons To Start Your Child in Dance Class at a Young Age

Sugar and spice and everything nice. We adore our young dancers at Kick. Little girls and boys as young as 18 months to 4 years old enjoy their first dance experience with us. They’re wide-eyed and eager to bounce to the beats and sway to the songs of Frozen. Sweet tutus with sparkles make us smile!

But….dance class can do more for your child than just help you to capture those adorable Instagram moments. When children experience the magic of dance class early in their developmental years, they build a base of fundamentals that carries them throughout life. Technically perfecting a child’s Plié or Pirouette is not our most important goal when they first start, instead we want them to gain a love of dance, develop strong bodies, confidence, and make life-long friends who share their passion for performing.

According to the National Dance Education Organization, dance is “basic to learning,” and provides a very natural method to learn expression and develop physical, emotional, and social skills. So it’s no surprise that starting children in dance at a young age can increase the benefits and skills learned.

“Dance is unique because it combines the cognitive benefits of learning an art, the auditory development of music education and the physical benefits of sports,” said Vanessa Berry, owner and instructor at Kick Dance. “Dance classes develop strength, flexibility, musicality, coordination, balance, self-esteem, listening skills and body awareness.”

Here are four reasons children should become involved in dance early on:

  1. Increased physical and cognitive development.

Children can flex their muscles and gain strength and endurance through dance. “For babies and toddlers, the creative movement offers a range of experiences that facilitate natural, easy play and proper development of movement, coordination and creates building blocks for future learning,” said Vanessa. This means the ideal time to get involved in dance is at a very early age. “For preschoolers, two and a half to four years old, dance is an essential part of the educational experience,” said Vanessa.

  1. Social skill development.

Dance not only improves physical development but helps to foster social skills as well. Through social encounters, interaction and cooperation, dance works to teach important life skills. “Dance allows children to learn how to work as a team, how to take turns, how to develop relationships, and how to follow directions,” said Vanessa. These skills are easier to learn at a young age, which is why it is important for children to become involved in dance early on.

  1. Increased self-esteem and confidence.

“Dance is amazing for self-esteem!” said Vanessa. “It allows for recognition of children both as an individual and as part of a team. It’s amazing to see the year-long development and learning from their first day of class to their first performance on stage.” By learning to become comfortable in their skin, young dancers can work to understand their bodies and often develop a more confident attitude. This confidence lasts a lifetime.

  1. Educational development.

By learning ballet early, children experience the foundation of dance, which can help maintain steady interest in dance for years to come. “We love to see our dancers learn this core foundation, as well as see them learn tap for rhythm and musicality, jazz for energy, and performance and creative movement for confidence, creativity and body awareness,” said Vanessa.

Kick Dance Studios combines styles into a few of their classes to allow for maximum growth. These classes include Tap-n-Twirl, blending tap and ballet, Shake-It-Up Hip Hop and Ballet Combo and Princess Ballet, blending classic ballet and princess fantasy.

Registration for classes is open now. Click here to register your young dancer today!


Kick Dancers Attend Joffrey Ballet School for The Summer

Kick Dance School Students Attend Prestigious Joffrey Ballet School Summer Program

The famous Joffrey Ballet School in New York City prides itself in turning passionate dance students into versatile and individualistic artists, and there’s no one group of students more passionate about dance than the dancers at Kick Dance Studios. This passion got three of the studios dancers accepted into the Joffrey Ballet School Summer intensive program in New York City.


Christina Alesio, Stella Demcsak, and Sarah Landy, all 13 of Fair Haven, spent hours and hours preparing for their auditions to the school. Each had private sessions at Kick Dance Studios to focus on their technique before the big audition. They worked one-on-one with Amanda Pyne, a Kick Dance instructor who attended the Joffrey Ballet School as a year-round trainee.

“Kick Dance Studio physically and mentally prepared me for the Joffrey Ballet School experience,” said Christina.

All the prep paid off for the dancers, who were accepted into the highly-competitive summer intensive program. There, they took classes in both new and familiar dance styles taught by professional dancers from different companies from around the world. Not everything was new for the girls at the Joffrey Ballet School, who had been exposed to different genres of dance from professional dancers teaching master classes at Kick Dance Studios over the years. The techniques they learned in those master classes prepared them well for the kind of things they learned at Joffrey.

“We got more out of Joffrey Ballet School than just the dance experience,” said Stella. “We danced a minimum of six hours every day. Joffrey pushed us to new levels that we didn’t think we could achieve.”

The Joffrey program exposes students to a rigorous ballet program, ending with a performance that illustrates the styles and techniques learned.

But the dancers from Kick Dance got more than just dance instruction out of their experience.

“At the Joffrey Ballet School we got to know students from other parts of the United States, and even some from different countries,” said Sarah.

Kick Dance Studios owner and director Vanessa Berry strives to provide her dancers with strong conditioning classes that prepare her students for programs like the Joffrey Ballet School Summer Program. Her students learn confidence, grace, stage presence and coordination while developing a love for dance in all its styles.

“The Joffrey experience is amazing for these young dancers,” said Vanessa. “They get to train with kids from all over the world who share the same passion for dance.”

About Joffrey Ballet
Classically trained to the highest standards, The Joffrey Ballet expresses a unique, inclusive perspective on dance, proudly reflecting the diversity of America with its company, audiences, and repertoire which includes major story ballets, reconstructions of masterpieces and contemporary works. Founded by visionary teacher Robert Joffrey in 1956, guided by celebrated choreographer Gerald Arpino from 1988 until 2007, The Joffrey Ballet continues to thrive under internationally renowned Artistic Director Ashley C. Wheater who was recruited as a dancer in 1985 by Joffrey and Arpino before returning to lead the company in 2007 after a heralded tenure at San Francisco Ballet. The Joffrey Ballet has become one of the world’s most revered and recognizable arts organizations in America and one of the top ballet companies in the world.

About Kick Dance Studios
From a child’s first dance class to their graduation performance, Kick Dance Studios is a fit for everyone. The dance school specializes in beginners of all ages and offers training through pre-professional levels. Dancers go beyond technique to develop important life skills, learning to be respectful, confident and conscientious young people who share their gifts and talents with the community.

Kick offers a wide variety of dance, acro/gymnastics, theater and mommy and me classes for all ages and abilities, and the goal is to provide the highest quality training while developing a love for the arts. Classes are all instructed in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere, and emphasis is placed on personal development and achieving goals.

Kick Dance school students come from Rumson, Fair Haven, Oceanport, Little Silver, Red Bank, Monmouth Beach, Long Branch, Eatontown, Shrewsbury, Oceanport, NJ and beyond.

Cover Photo (Credit Purlee Photography): Three students from Kick Dance Studios, Stella Demscak, Christina Alescio and Sarah Landy, all 13 of Fair Haven, were accepted into the Joffrey Ballet School Summer intensive program in New York City. The girls took classes in both new and familiar dance styles taught by professional dancers from different companies from all over the world.

Kick Dance Studios knows dancing can help young students gain important skills

5 Reasons to Trade Your Child’s Cleats for Dancing Shoes

Team sports like soccer, baseball and football have kept your child in shape, got them out for some fresh air, and built their confidence enough where they’re no longer hiding behind you upon arriving to practice. Now that the season is coming to a close, it’s time to look into activities that will serve up the same excitement and improve on your child’s athleticism.

Consider dance. Dancing the ideal activity for your child to build strength and stay in shape until the spring arrives and they’re ready to play ball again. He or she may even enjoy dancing enough to continue into the sports season. After all, many professional athletes attest to the benefits of dancing.

This summer, 320-pound Pittsburgh Steelers nose tackle Steve McLendon shared his love of ballet in an interview with CBS Sports. He has been taking ballet since his senior year of college as a way to keep himself injury-free, and he attributes dance with strengthening his knees, ankles and feet so much that he can tell the difference when he hasn’t taken ballet in a while. But even when he isn’t taking lessons regularly, McLendon still enjoys to practice. “I still do some of the same things, the Plié, walking barefoot on your toes,” McLendon explained. “I just walk barefoot doing the lateral.” Now, if McLendon can make the time and find the confidence to leap across a dance floor, surely young athletes everywhere can be inspired to do the same.

“Dancing helps my feet for football,” says nine-year-old Jack Sullivan who has taken dance classes at Kick Dance Studio since he was 4 years old. “It’s a great workout and it’s fun!” His mom Jennifer adds, “As the mother of three dancers, Jack included, I admire how much choreography they can master year after year, as well as the dedication it takes to be a dancer and the poise and confidence they get from being dancers.”

Let’s review five ways your young athlete will benefit from his or her experience dancing this fall and winter:

1.Improve Performance by Cross-Training

In order for an athlete to improve his or her performance in a sport, they may need to step outside the field, court or wherever they play in order to do it. Many athletes cross-train, which involves participating in sports or exercises other than the one the athlete competes in. Many athletes, like the football players mentioned above, participate in dance as a cross-training activity. Cross-training can help reduce an athlete’s risk of injuries by balancing out muscles and providing relief to the ones that are constantly worked or moved.

2. Gain Agility and Speed

Agility is the ability to move your body quickly, easily, and with control and balance –something athletes require. Performing a dance routine takes a great amount of agility. Your child needs agility so her or she can react quickly and make transitions between dance steps, and at the same time be able to feel what they’re doing. Ballet can especially make your child more agile, as he or she moves quickly and changes direction with great balance, stability and range of motion.

3. Gain Flexibility

Whether it’s ballet, jazz or hip-hop, every style of dance requires a great amount of flexibility. Dancing causes muscles to become soft and move with ease, and also increases joint range of motion. As your child dances on a regular basis, he or she will gain greater mobility in their joints by gradually lengthening tense, short muscles. Athletes who are flexible will become lighter, more graceful and versatile in their sport. Flexibility may also prevent sports-related injuries.

4. Become Disciplined and Focused

Dancing engages cognitive and physical processes. It requires coordination of the body and brain, which can benefit athletes who must constantly use critical thinking in their sport. Dancing teaches patience, diligence, concentration and focus. It requires your child to analyze their body alignment and practice controlling the movement of every limb, teaching them how to isolate body parts. Dancing also enhances awareness of themselves in space and in relation to other people, another skill that can benefit athletes.

5. Gain Strength

Dancing is one of the best workouts your child can have, as it tones their entire body. Those bends, turns and leaps will give your child an amazing full body workout. Dancing builds strength by forcing the muscles to resist against a dancer’s own body weight. Not only does it strengthen muscles, it also keeps bones strong and helps build bone mass. These are all important for growing strong, healthy young bodies.

As the sports off-season arrives, we hope to have your child join us at Kick Dance Studios to experience the magic and benefits of dance.