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The Summer Stride

The Summer Stride

Summer is just around the corner and here at Kick Performing Arts we are super excited about all our fantastic summer program offerings!

With the current dance season winding down and the new season ramping up, you might have been wondering lately if summer dance classes are right for your child. From our experience, every student has the potential to hit their “summer stride” … in other words, they all have the ability to keep their learning power going in the summer, without losing any momentum!

We believe there is a unique benefit for each and every student who dances with us in the summer, whether it’s during a weekly class, a dance camp, or an intensive. Read on to see which advantages might be in store for your child!

Making Progress
Because dance is built on muscle memory, summer study can help your child fine-tune their movement vocabulary and technique, allowing them to improve their skills, grow stronger, and be better prepared to take on new material.  With so much more available time, we see our dancers make huge progress each summer!

Being Consistent
Young children do well with stability in their routine, so maintaining that normalcy with summer dance can give them (and you!) peace of mind, even as the rest of your summer plans may vary.  For our older dancers the consistency allows them to stay strong all summer long!!

Getting Motivated
After the showcase, we find that some students are eager to try a new dance style (usually something they were inspired by!) to see how they like it. Summer is THE perfect time to test out those new interests, without a long commitment.

Gaining Confidence
Our summer programs, with their blend of both structure and fun, can give your child the boost they need to jump into fall classes feeling good about themselves. There’s nothing quite like the personal development that can be built in the summer!

It’s part of our mission to ensure that your child is learning how to balance their hard work with time off, and the summer offers the best of both worlds. We encourage all of our students to make time for rest and relaxation, and also make time to keep their bodies strong and minds engaged. This balance is what the true summer stride is all about!

There’s something for everyone here this summer at Kick Performing Arts. We’re happy to help you customize the right schedule for your family or make a special recommendation for your child … just ask!

Musical theater performance is an important part of Kick Dance Studios learning.

Kick Dance NJ Musical Theater Program Prepares the Broadway Bound

“All the world’s a stage…”

Shakespeare said it best. The world we live in is merely a stage and we are the performers. At Kick Dance Studios, we understand this better than anyone, which is why we pride ourselves in making our dancers triple threats. Because the performer who can sing, dance and act can’t be stopped.

Kick Dance Studios offers a variety of acting, vocal and musical theater and performance-based classes. These classes are for all ages and are provided in a supportive, non-competitive atmosphere where young dancers can bloom.

Katie Kurkemelis, one of our musical theater and vocal teachers, is the perfect fit for this genre of performing. She grew up in the performing arts world where her mother introduced her to musical theater at a young age.

“My favorite movie growing up was Fame. Enough said,” said Katie. “I performed in all of my high school shows and continued theater at Brookdale Community College and Axelrod Performing Arts Center.”

Katie fell in love with teaching and choreography, and found she had a knack for both. She headed down the teaching path and never looked back.

“I love sharing my passion with children,” she said. “It is most fulfilling.”

Studio owner Vanessa Berry and musical theater instructor, is proud of the work Kick’s dancers are doing with acting, vocal and dance training. She and the instructors work hard to develop well-rounded dancers with a variety of dance training.

“Musical theater teaches our dancers to connect on an emotional level with dance and performance,” said Vanessa. “Beautiful technique is important, but without performance and emotion there is no connection with the audience.”

That connection with the audience is what keeps Katie, known to her students as Miss Katie, in the performing world when she isn’t teaching. She still performs locally, last appearing in Rent with the Axelrod Performing Arts Center. What better teacher for Kick’s young dancers than someone who is continually learning the latest techniques and using those skills in the real world?

“Miss Katie really knows how to connect with kids of all ages and brings out the best in them,” said Vanessa.

The training in musical theater Kick Dance provides dancers includes vocal training, acting, and preparing for performances. Classes begin September 21 and half year options continue through December while full classes continue through May.

“Musical theater is one of the greatest outlets for a dancer to release energy,” said Katie. “Not only does the dancer need to show technical ability, they must capture different characters through the art of dancing, singing and acting.

Musical theater performing isn’t just about the technical ability of the dancer, it’s also about having fun and transporting yourself and your audience to a different world.

“Who doesn’t love to pretend to be someone they’re not? Who doesn’t love to sing? And who doesn’t love to dance?” said Katie. “The style of musical theater brings all of those wonderful things together!”

This triple threat performer is exactly what Kick Dance is preparing its dancers to become.

“Most auditions a child goes on, they will be asked to sing, dance and read,” said Katie. “Even the dancer in the back corner on a Broadway stage can sing! Becoming a triple threat takes time, but it is 100 percent possible with hard work, dedication, and lots of smiles. And pointed feet of course.”

Kick Dance Musical Theater Vocal Training is for ages 7-11 and 10-14. Children begin their training with vocal warm-ups and vocal techniques, and learn upbeat, pop-style Broadway style as well as more classical pieces. Other classes available include Improvisational Acting, Musical Theater Performance, Musical Theater Dance, Musical Theater Vocal Performance Competition Team, and a Triple Threat class.

Our musical theater dancers have won big at various competitions, including numerous first place wins and national wins.

Call our studio at 732-383-5301 for more information or register online.

Photo: Meredith Sheftel, 12, and Blaire Sheftel, 10, both of Rumson, perform during a musical theater production. Kick Dance Studios prepares dancers for acting, dancing, and vocalizing with musical theater performance classes taught by qualified, passionate instructors.