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Showcase Memories

Showcase Memories!

The showcase is known for creating special memories—both for the dancer and for their family and friends.  It is a sentimental moment in time for many parents, watching their child perform in front of an audience!  For many of our dance families at Kick Performing Arts, it marks the closure of one year’s journey in dance and “sets the stage” for the next.

After the showcase, costumes become special mementos, programs become keepsakes, photos become facebook posts, and our free digital download of the show often become your household’s most-watched entertainment!  The time may have passed, but the souvenirs remain … along with the personal growth each student has achieved.

One comment we often hear from parents after the showcase is how their child won’t stop talking about it!  The excitement lifts them up long after the curtain has come down.  We love hearing about this kind of enthusiasm, and we hope you’ll keep the dance conversation going at home.  This is an excellent time to listen to what your child has to say about what they liked best or what was challenging.  Being able to reflect on the experience and communicate that to others is another awesome skill to develop!

Sometimes the memories made at showcase aren’t the ones you’d expect.  Maybe your dancer became distracted at one point onstage and made a silly face that made everyone laugh, or maybe they forgot a step during the dance and seemed discouraged.  Live performances can be a little unpredictable like this, but with a growth mindset, you and your child can still choose to see the positive outcome.  Like how that silly face was sweet and entertaining, and grandma loved it.  Or that forgotten step?  What a way to show perseverance!

The lifetime memories made at the showcase enrich our students’ knowledge and understanding of what a performance encompasses.  They create context for other performing opportunities, such as in theater or music, and they build the kind of confidence only experience can deliver.

Performing onstage is an incredible opportunity for dancers to share what they have been learning in class, and to showcase their progress from the beginning of the year to the end.  Learning how to dance is a gradual process, and some skills take years to fully master—but however big or small the steps are, it is a major accomplishment for anyone to perform in front of hundreds of people!  All the hard work is worthwhile when a dancer experiences the high fives and smiles and congratulations that the recital brings from classmates, family, and friends.

Whether it’s a young dancer performing for their first time or a teen dancer showcasing years of training, performance day achievements are incredibly special to celebrate.  Lifelong memories are made from those achievements—and for many dancers, a true passion for dance is ignited!  


Kick Dance Studios Friendship

You’ve Got a Friend in Dance: Kick Dancers Shine on Stage and In Friendship

“Things are never quite as scary when you have a best friend.” – Bill Watterson

It’s true. Good friends are irreplaceable. Having someone to love, support and get you through the tough times just makes life easier. Same is true for both children and adults.

For children, making new friends comes much more easily when surrounded by other children who have a similar interest. At Kick Dance Studios, students certainly have one thing in common — DANCE! The friendships made during classes and performances are often lifelong ones, and the bonds created make for strong and fluid performances.

“Team Kick provides dancers with the same team experiences that sports teams get — friendships, commitment, dedication, perseverance, and confidence,” said Vanessa Berry, Kick Dance Studios owner and instructor.

According to DanceTeachers.org, the number of children taking part in dance is increasing yearly. More children are enjoying its benefits, including increased self-esteem, confidence, activity levels, social and learning skills. The bonds that are made by engaging in an activity like dance can last a lifetime. Having friends is a vital part of growing up.

“Friendships are critical to helping children improve their communication, sharing, empathy, problem-solving, and creativity,” said Rachelle Theise, a clinical assistant professor and child psychologist at New York University, in a blog for Parents.com.

Nervous kids blossom, quiet kids find their voice, and shy kids come out of their shell at Kick Dance. As friendships grow, the way the students perform follows. Students learn how to dance together almost seamlessly, making for flawless and gorgeous performances.

The bond Kick Dance students have is evident in the long list of accomplishments and awards the teams have received. This summer, Kick dancer Claire Ciardiello attended the prestigious Broadway Center Junior Training Program, as well as three students, Christina Alesio, Stella Demcsak, and Sarah Landy, attended the Joffrey Ballet School Summer Program in New York City.

KIck Dance Studios Friendships Students from Kick also danced their way into the national finals at the Backstage Performing Arts Competition at Hershey Park, Pennsylvania and came away with a first overall award, not to mention a handful of other wins.

It’s clear from these stellar accomplishments that the students are making a name for themselves across the region, and it’s no doubt in part to the rhythm the teams developed since becoming fast friends.

And the students continue to shine, dancing their way to performing in the well-known kids show KIDZ BOP KIDS, based off the albums of the same name featuring contemporary popular songs performed by kids. Kick Dance Studio dancers were selected as the opening act for the show. The KIDZ BOP KIDS performance will be held at the Count Basie Theatre in Red Bank at 3 p.m. on Sunday, November 8, 2015. Get tickets here.

“Kick Dance was chosen to open the show because of their enthusiasm,” said Alyssa Snyder, Marketing and PR Coordinator for KIDZ BOP. “Their family-friendly dance routines are very in line with the KIDZ BOP brand. Kick Dance’s routines are high-energy and will motivate the crowd for the KIDZ BOP Kids!”

“I think the teamwork among these kids shows on stage and is a big reason they were selected,” said Vanessa.  “It is a wonderful experience to open for a professional show, and they could not be happier than when they perform together.”

From now until October 17, Kick Dance Studios is offering a friendship special! Bring a friend to a Try-It Class and be entered to win an Apple Watch Sport. Enroll in a class with a friend and you each receive a $50 class credit (New students only, cannot be enrolled in the past 12 months). For a list of Kick Dance Studio class, click here.

Kick Dance Studios offers a quality dance school for all ages

The Elements of a Quality Dance School for Children

Dance education offers children a chance for both artistry and athleticism.  In the right dance school, dance offers children the perfect opportunity for emotional development in both self-esteem and joy.

Look for teachers that are trained to teach.  The best teachers may not be the best dancers, but their talents to teach and inspire are remarkable.  A degree in dance education is a good sign of a professional teacher at a dance school.  When selecting a teacher for young dancers (age 6 and younger), a teacher’s ability to engage and relate to the age group is imperative.  Often, a mother makes the best teacher of the tiniest dancers from their hands on experience.

For older dancers, an experienced teacher is essential to developing proper technique in all disciplines of dance.  Often teachers push young dancers into pointe shoes before their bodies are developmentally ready.  Point work before ready can lead to major injuries and development issues, as well as really bad dance habits.

Corrections are an essential part of a dance education and dance school.  Positive reinforcement is very motivating to young dancers as is goal setting and recognition of accomplishments.

Look for an atmosphere that is child appropriate in a dance school  Are their scarves, bean bags, etc. for young dancers?  Is the music engaging and lively?  Is there a variety of music?  Is there a variety of dance styles offered so dancers can achieve a balanced dance education?  Is the studio warm and inviting?

The relationship between a dance teacher and a student is also an important part of the process.  A teacher who knows each student’s name early in the season and offers a warm greeting likely has a great rapport with her students.

How about the kids?  Are the dancers experiencing the joy of dance?  Technique is essential to a dancer’s development, but if the class was not enjoyable, chances are the dancer will not return the following season.

Are there students who have continued for years?  Are they excited to come to dance school?  Are there programs available for more advanced dancers?  Are there performance opportunities for ALL dancers – not just the most experienced?

Asking a dancer to take a class without performing, is like running drills for soccer, but never playing a game!

A quality school will integrate all of the technical skills in the curriculum for the level and style of dance into a well-choreographed dance for an end of the year performance.  The end of year performance or recital is a celebration of the accomplishments of the year, as well as a showcase for talent.  Done right, it is a wonderful experience that builds tremendous confidence, perseverance, and appreciation for hard work!

By making the technical skills part of the recital performance, we can ensure that the dancers are learning and accomplishing the goals for the year.  By keeping each section of the recital short, we can offer the audience an enjoyable performance as well. Performance also teaches students how to turn a concept into reality.

To learn about Kick Dance Studios classes, click here.