How To Access Live Online Classes

Livestream Classes for Kick Students!

Kick is using Zoom for all livestream classes:)

To attend class:
1. On your computer or phone, log out of all programs that use sound (iTunes, Media Player, etc.).
2. Click the Zoom link under the day and teacher  you are attending at the start time for YOUR class. You may be the first one there, or some of us will be in there and you’ll see us. The most important thing to remember is that you are joining the Zoom room for your dance class.
 Zoom is set up for Rumson classes by day and teacher, Fair Haven classes are just by the day.  If you log onto the wrong link you wont find your class!! If you take multiple classes on the same day with different teachers you will need to change URL’s like you change classrooms.  All links will be on Band for easy access for students and families.  Make sure you enable your video by clicking the video icon so there is no slash through it.
3. If your technology isn’t working, try closing all media players (iTunes, Google Play, etc.) and restarting your computer. Re-read these instructions to troubleshoot. Please be sure you have the link for the right day and teacher if a Rumson student.
When the session officially starts, you will be muted. When mics are unmuted the back ground noise creates feedback. Please stay muted until your teacher calls your name to speak.
4. Please keep your video enabled while others are speaking. This will help our class feeling like we are still learning and improving together, even though we may be far apart.
5. Wait for the session to begin at the start time. You will see your teacher greet the class. 
And please note – Potential Issues: Calls often get dropped. It’s not a big deal- just use the same link, then rejoin. The only problem we ever experience is a microphone or video camera not working. If your technology isn’t working, try restarting your computer. Also make sure you quit all media players are (iTunes, etc.) because they can interfere.
If you need further support please contact Zoom +1.888.799.9666 ext 2


Student Reminders

  1. Please dress for dance class! Hair up and dance attire is strongly encouraged:)  If you have hard flooring, please wear dance shoes or barefoot. If on carpet, socks or dance shoes
  2. Please clean a little space so you have room to dance! Move aside toys, snacks and other distractions
  3. Please remember we can hear and see you (and anyone in the background!!)
  4. We have an opportunity to use our time wisely and come out stronger and better on the other side of this. Please use every class as a chance to learn, grow, relax and have fun!!  We believe in you
  5. Lastly for our younger dancers – we are so sad we cannot give you stickers at the end of each class, BUT when we get back to Kick we will give you a sticker for all your online classes!! 

This technology is new for us at Kick as well as many of our families, but we are adapting quickly and we know you will too!  Please feel free to reach out with constructive feedback or suggestions!

Virtual Recital Reminders!

  1. Please log in at your class time as listed below with your costume on and hair and makeup done (Hair and makeup are YOUR CHOICE!!)  Tights are optional, dance shoes required!
  2. Set up your space!  Please have device set so your dancer can see their teacher.  Here is a quick how to video:)
  3. Avoid standing in front of a window.  Backdrops, extra lighting, and stuffed animal audiences are all fun extras!
  4. We will run the dances 2x as a rehearsal before SHOWTIME!!
  5. Facetime relatives, take video and don’t forget the applause!


4PM Twirl Sparkle Squad Disney Remix (30 minutes)
4:30 Twirl Sparkle Squad Ballet Hip Hop (30 minutes)
5:00 Jazz/Acro Combo (30 minutes)

9:30AM Twirl Princess Ballet
4:15 Ballet 1/2 and Hip Hop Squad (30 minutes)
4:45PM Twirl Disney Princess Ballet (30 minutes)

1PM Twirl Disney Prince and Princess Ballet (30 minutes)
4:15 Mini Team Hip Hop (30 minutes)
4:45PM Hip Hop I/II (30 minutes)

4PM Twirl Sparkle Squad Frozen 2 (30 minutes)
4:30 Ballet Hip Hop Combo (30 minutes)
5:00 Mini Team Ballet (30 minutes)

9AM Twirl Shooting Star Princess Ballet (30 minutes)
9:30AM Twirl Shining Star Princess Ballet (30 minutes)


Rumson Schedule

Mr Mitch
5PM Edge 2 Ballet
6PM Edge 1 Ballet
6:45PM Connections Ballet
7:30PM Edge Contemporary (30 minutes)

Miss Katie
9:45AM Shining Star Princess Ballerina (30 minutes)
4PM Tap I (30 minutes)
5PM Edge 1 Jazz
6PM Edge 2 Jazz

Miss Deidra
4-5:15 PREP TEAM
5:15 Connections Jazz
6PM Connections Stretch Strength and Technique
6:45PM Edge Stretch Strength and Technique
7:30PM Advanced Acro


Miss Courtney

5:45PM Premiere 1 Ballet (note time change)


Miss Vanessa
4 Mini Team Musical theater (30 minutes)
4:30 Musical Theater Jazz I ages 4-8 (30 minutes)

Miss Katie
4PM Premiere 1 Jazz
4:45 Premiere 2 Jazz

Miss Kyla
4:15PM Ballet Tap Combo ages 4-8 (30 minutes)
4:45PM Edge Jazz
5:30PM Premiere 2 Ballet


Miss Katie
9:45AM Tiny Stars ages 1-3 (30 minutes)
3:45 Dance Class Remix ages 4-6 (30 minutes)
4:15 Leaps and turn Premiere
5PM Connections Ballet
5:45PM Tap levels 2/3 ages 9-15
6:30 Tap Competition Crew

Miss Kyla
3:30 Acro I ages 4-9
4:15 Leaps and Turns Connections
5 All Level Acro ages 8-16
5:45 Advanced tap ages 11+
6:30 Fabulous Feet Adv Tap Crew

Miss Deidra
3:30 Boys Crew
4:15 Advanced Acro ages 8-16
5 Hip Hop Crew Edge
6:30 Hip Hop Crew Connections/Edge
7:15 Defying Gravity Acro Team (30 minutes)

Miss Lauren
3:45 Singing Technique ages 7-12 (30 minutes)
4:15 MTV Intermediate/Advanced
5PM Dance for Actors


Miss Vanessa
3:45 Hip Hop Premiere

4:30PM Connections OUTDOOR REHEARSAL AT Kick (45 minutes) Drop off on street please no cars in lot:)

5:30 Premiere OUTDOOR REHEARSAL AT Kick (45 minutes) Drop off on street please no cars in lot:)

6:30 Edge OUTDOOR REHEARSAL AT Kick (1 hour) Drop off on street please no cars in lot:)

Miss Katie
3:45 Tap Premiere

4:30PM Connections OUTDOOR REHEARSAL AT Kick (45 minutes) Drop off on street please no cars in lot:)

5:30 Premiere OUTDOOR REHEARSAL AT Kick (45 minutes) Drop off on street please no cars in lot:)

6:30 Edge OUTDOOR REHEARSAL AT Kick (1 hour) Drop off on street please no cars in lot:)

Miss Kyla
3:45 Hip Hop Connections


Miss Katie
12:15 Shining Star Shake it Up Hip Hop Ballet ages 3-6 (30 minutes)
4:15 Advanced MTV (The Wedding Singer)
5PM Intermediate MTV (Never Fully Dressed)
5:45 Peter Pan rehearsal

Miss Kyla
4:15 Defying Gravity Acro team ages 7-11
5PM Acro 4 ages 8-13


Miss Kelsey

9AM Princess Ballet (30 minutes)

9:30AM Princess Ballet (30 minutes)