Stronger Together

Stronger Together!  2019/20 school year wrap up events!

Costume Pick up Saturday May 30th!

Saturday May 30th 11-1pm Kick Fair Haven (If you cannot make this time, please contact us at  Costumes not picked up by 6/2 will be donated (we need to keep our studio clean and clutter free)

Last call costume pickup Tuesday June 2nd 2-4PM Fair Haven


Car Parade!! Sunday May 31st! 

Join us for a super fun car parade to celebrate what would have been our showcase day!  Start at Kick Rumson then drive River Rd to Kick Fair Haven. 

  • Wear Your Costume!!
  • Decorate your car!!
  • Make posters!!
  • See your teachers!!
  • Treat at the end at Kick Fair Haven!! (Pull in parking lot)!!

Virtual Recital!!  June 8-13!

Join us for a fun and safe at home virtual recital where every child is the star and every family gets a front row seat!!  Watch our short how to video to see what a virtual recital is all about!

  • The show takes place during your usual virtual class time
  • Parents and siblings can watch from home – and facetime friends and family!  Video from your home!
  •   Please have your child wear their costume and dance shoes🙂 Tights are optional Hair and Makeup is your choice 🙂
  • Set up your laptop/ipad so your child can see the teacher on the screen
  • We will do each routine at least 3 times:)
  • Avoid standing in front of a window.  Backdrops, extra lighting, and stuffed animal audiences are all fun extras!
  • Don’t forget to applaud!


Red Carpet Recital JUNE 15/16(Rain Date June 17)

We are so excited for our red carpet event where every child is a STAR!! This in person outdoor event is designed for a whole lot of safe social distance fun for our kids and is free to our dancers who completed the season and finished strong with us! Event is at KICK RUMSON.

  • On Monday June 15th we will have groups perform according to the schedule below. 
  • Please arrive in costume with your choice of hair and makeup (tights are optional) and please bring your dance shoes!  If you have costume changes, the big room will be available for costume changes.
  • Dancers must arrive at their scheduled time for our OUTDOOR EVENT at Kick Rumson and we will check temperatures. If you child is sick, please keep them home!  We will deliver goody bags to any sick kids who miss the event!!
  • Step 1 your dancer(s) will walk the red carpet and get their photo professionally taken while we applaud and cheer
  • Step 2 Your dancer(s) will perform their routine on our outdoor stage!  You may bring up to 8 guests to watch from a safe social distance. All guests must have masks handy and will need to wear them if not socially distant. Your child’s teacher will be there to dance with them (also 6 feet away) in case they forget a step.  Classes may be divided into 2 groups that perform separately to be sure we keep safe distancing.
  • Step 3 Your dancer will walk around the side of Kick for stickers, trophies and treats! (Kick is treating our dancers to one ice cream from Goldy’s ice cream truck. If siblings or guests would like ice cream , please bring cast to pay Goldy’s directly!)

Schedule for Monday June 15th

1. 1:30PM Hearts as Strong as Horses Shining Star Princess Ballerina (Miss Katie Monday 9:45 AM)
2. 1:40PM Dig a Little Deeper Twirl Shooting Star Princess Ballet (Miss Kelsey Saturday 9:00 AM)
3. 1:50PM Strong Twirl Princess Ballet (Miss Katie Tuesday 9:30AM)
4. 2PM Some Things Never Change Twirl Shining Star Princess Ballet (Miss Kelsey Saturday 9:45AM)
5. 2:10PM Ain’t No Mountain High Enough Tap 1 (Miss Katie Monday 3:45PM)
6. 2:20PM Brave #DanceClassRemix (Miss Katie Wednesday 3:30PM)
7. 2:30PM We Go Together Premiere Tap (Miss Katie Thursday 3:45PM)
8. 2:40PM Get Back Up Again Shake it Up Ballet Hip Hop (Miss Katie Friday 12:15PM)
9. 2:50PM Beauty and the Beast Twirl Sparkle Squad Disney Remix (Miss Melissa Monday 3:45PM)
10. 3PM Stronger Twirl Sparkle Squad Ballet/Hip Hop Combo (Miss Melissa Monday 4:30)
11. 3:10PM A Million Dreams Ballet 1/2 (Miss Melissa Tuesday 3:30PM)
12. 3:20PM All is Found Twirl Disney Prince and Princess (Miss Mary Alice Wednesday 1PM)
13. 3:30PM Take on the World Jazz acro Combo (Miss Melissa Monday 5:15PM)
14. 3:40PM We Got the Beat Hip Hop Squad (Miss Melissa Tuesday 4:15PM)
15. 3:50PM Me and My Girls Hip Hop 1/2 (Miss Mary Alice Wednesday 5PM)
16. 4PM Here Comes the Sun Mini Team Ballet (Miss Mary Alice Thursday 4:30PM)
17. 4:10PM Home Twirl Frozen 2 (Miss Mary Alice Thursday 3:45PM)
18. 4:20PM Old Town Road Mini Team (Miss Mary Alice Wednesday 4:30PM)
19. 4:30PM Better Together Ballet Hip Hop Combo (Miss Mary Alice Thursday 4:30)
20 4:40PM That’s What I Like About You Premiere Hip Hop (Miss Vanessa Thursday 3:45)
21. 4:50 Men In Black Boys Crew (Miss Deidra Wednesday 3:30PM)
22. 5PM Let it Go Twirl Princess Ballet (Miss Melissa/Miss Suzanne Tuesday 5PM)
23. 5:10PM Take Me There PREP Team (Miss Deidra Monday 4:15PM)
24. 5:20PM Belle of the Ball Premiere 1 Ballet (Miss Courtney Tuesday 4:45)
25. 5:30PM Make a Wave Premiere 2 Ballet (Miss Kyla Tuesday 5:30PM
26. 5:40PM We Belong Together Ballet tap Combo (Miss Kyla Tuesday 4PM)
27. 5:50PM Broken and Beautiful Edge Jazz (Miss Kyla Tuesday 4:45PM)
28. 6PM Tik Tok Mash Up Connections Hip Hop (Miss Kyla Thursday 3:45PM
29. 6:10PM I Got You Premiere 2 Jazz (Miss Katie Tuesday 4:45PM)
30. 6:20PM Stronger Edge 1 Jazz (Miss Katie Monday 5PM)
31. 6:30PM Don’t Stop Believing Premiere Leaps and Turns (Miss Katie Wednesday 4:15PM)
32. 6:40PM The Telephone Hour Mini Team (Miss Vanessa Tuesday 4PM)
33. 6:50PM Give Me One Reason Connections Jazz (Miss Deidra Monday 5:15PM)
34. 7PM Roar Premiere 1 Jazz (Miss Katie Tuesday 4PM)
35. 7:10PM I See Stars Jazz I (Miss Vanessa Tuesday 4:45PM)
36. 7:20PM It’s Your Wedding Day
37. 7:25PM The Schuyler Sisters
38. 7:30PM Never Fully Dressed
39 7:35PM Sparking Diamonds
40 7:40PM Send Me on My Way